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Attorney, Lawyers, Criminal Lawyers.
Attorney, Lawyers, Criminal Lawyers.

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You deserve quality legal representation. Visit the office of Camille M. Hicks today and receive a FREE initial consultation. Our experienced legal professionals will discuss your case, work out a customized defense, and assist you with all of your questions.

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•   Professional, friendly team willing to fight for you

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When you visit our office for your FREE initial consultation, we'll discuss ways in

which you can either dispute your charges or receive the smallest penalty possible.

Your charges may even be dropped entirely. Contact us today to learn more.

Attorney, Lawyers, Criminal Lawyers. Attorney, Lawyers, Criminal Lawyers.

Drug charges carry heavy punishments. If you are convicted of this type of offense,

you may have problems finding a job, applying for student loans if you decide to attend college, or participating in other activities that involve criminal background checks.


Allow us to help you receive the smallest penalty possible for your drug offense.

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